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Our brand seamlessly merges conscious living and sophisticated fashion, inviting you to embrace a lifestyle that's both luxurious and environmentally conscious. 


Immerse yourself in our captivating limited edition capsule collections, ranging from must-have accessories to exquisite household items. Rooted in the ethos of quality over quantity, our pieces embody essential chicness that effortlessly complements your unique style.


With a commitment to timeless designs and bold statements, Maison Fédre redefines sustainability by harmonizing elegance and ethics. Every choice you make contributes to a healthier body and a greener world. Join us in celebrating sustainable living at its finest.


At Maison Fedre, collaboration with local artisans lies at the heart of every capsule collection we create, whether it's a finely crafted piece of clothing or a captivating household item. We deeply value the rich heritage and craftsmanship found within our local communities. By partnering with skilled artisans, we ensure that each creation is infused with their expertise, creativity, and unique cultural influences.


Through these collaborations, we not only support local talent but also promote sustainable practices. Our artisans often employ traditional techniques and utilize locally sourced materials, reducing environmental impact and preserving cultural traditions. The result is a collection that reflects the authenticity and artistry of the region, with each piece bearing the unmistakable mark of human hands and exceptional craftsmanship.


Maison Fédre 

We are a cooperative of great


Confident Femininity

Effortless Style

Natural Organic Fabrics

Hand Designed

Alina Karo

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